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First Spear Features Padded Plate Backers

January 14, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

First Spear is ridding the world of foul smells one padded plate backer at a time. The Padded Plate Backer Kit enhances comfort with its non-ballistic foam inserts shaped to conform to your body. These inserts effectively alleviate pressure points while preserving the carrier's structure. The kit is versatile, allowing for multiple configurations to meet individual support and fit requirements.

In addition to comfort, this kit boasts channels on the side facing the body, improving ventilation and shock absorption. This feature promotes airflow, reducing overheating and enhancing breathability. The shock-absorbing properties help distribute the impact force, lessening bodily harm.

A key feature of the Padded Plate Backer is its lightweight and non-bulky design. The foam inserts are light, with the entire kit weighing only 13oz, making it ideal for active use. Its lightness ensures freedom of movement and ease, while providing essential support.

Durability is another significant benefit. The robust non-ballistic foam withstands demanding conditions and extensive use. The inserts are also water-resistant, preventing moisture accumulation that can cause mold and unpleasant smells.

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