Eugene, OR Schools to Become 'Softer' Targets

June 9, 2022
Gun Talk Staff

In another pandering, misguided, and mystifying reaction from the "do something, do anything" crowd, the Eugene (OR) 4J School District is working to ban licensed concealed carry in their schools.

As usual, the "math" just doesn't add up.*

Soft targets (+) murderers (-) lawfully armed citizens (+ or -) a police response = ?

As reported by Oregon Firearms Federation:

On June 22nd at 7PM, the Eugene 4J School District is planning to place bullseyes on the backs of school kids by banning licensed, concealed carry in their schools.

In the wake of the horrifying debacle in Uvalde Texas, where the failure of police to act, and a ban on lawful concealed carry cost the lives of 19 children and two adults, Eugene school board members are determined to copy that deadly policy.

The meeting will be held remotely to control the agenda and deny as many people as possible the opportunity to oppose this insanity.

If you wish to testify you will need to follow the instructions at this link:

The anti-gun forces are doing all they can to gin up support for this new plan to get more kids killed. There is simply no limit to how disgraceful these people can be.

You can see the Lane County Democrats call to action here:

You can see Bloomberg’s call to action here:

This issue is NOT complicated.  The same people who are working to demonize and defund the police want to make certain that NO ONE will be able to protect children against an attack.  It’s sick, it’s disgusting, and it’s coming.

If you live in the district, or know people who do, and whose children are at risk because of this twisted agenda, please act and share this information.

School Board member’s contact info can be found by scrolling down on this page.

Original article HERE

* Clearly, we don't do math, but this equation still works.

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