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Blackhawk Launches BH Series of Hard Cases

January 16, 2024
Gun Talk Staff

Blackhawk, renowned for its expertise in military and law enforcement equipment for over three decades, has recently joined forces with Eylar to launch an innovative range of branded hard cases. These cases are expertly crafted to serve as tactical solutions for the secure storage and protection of various gear and equipment.

The newly introduced Blackhawk (BH) series is a comprehensive solution for a broad spectrum of tactical needs, encompassing firearms, gun belts, optics, and other vital accessories. The series boasts a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect match for diverse equipment configurations and storage requirements.

Standout features of the BH series hard cases include:

  • Exceptional waterproof and shockproof design, offering unparalleled protection.
  • Multiple foam layers for superior cushioning and protection.
  • A customizable perforated pull and pluck foam layer, allowing for personalized fits.
  • Durable, high-quality construction for long-lasting use and reliability.
  • A wide selection of sizes to meet all tactical storage demands.

What sets the BH series apart in the market is its inclusion of a protective foam layer in every case, featuring a unique perforated pull and pluck foam. This innovative design enables users to customize the foam, ensuring a perfect fit for their specific gear and equipment.

Justin Hoffman, Blackhawk's product manager, highlights the practicality of the series: “The compact 11”x8” case is ideal for air travel, complying with TSA guidelines for firearm transport. It securely accommodates my Glock 19 and three spare magazines, ensuring everything arrives in perfect condition.”

Blackhawk's collaboration with Eylar Hard Cases marks the introduction of a new era in tactical hard cases, characterized by their durability, versatility, and resilience. The BH series is a testament to Blackhawk's commitment to providing high-quality protective and transportation solutions to its customers.

The BH series hard cases are available for purchase on the official Blackhawk and Eylar websites, as well as on For more detailed information about the BH series, please visit ~ Gun Talk Staff

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