12-Year-Old Defends Mother, Shoots Intruder

July 26, 2021
Gun Talk Staff

A 12-year-old Louisiana boy shot and fatally wounded an armed intruder who was threatening his mother inside their home. Fearing for his mother's life, the boy used a hunting rifle to shoot 32-year-old Brand LeBlanc, who broke into home that the boy and his mother live.

The incident occurred east of Clinton, LA on June 30, according to a July 1 report from the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's Office.

"Witnesses stated that a perpetrator forced entry into the home at this address to perform a home invasion. The perpetrator was in possession of a firearm. At some point during this incident the perpetrator was fatally shot by a resident of the home," the department wrote in a statement.

First responders who where dispatched to the scene administered CPR to LeBlanc, and we was transported to a local medical facility where we was pronounced dead.

"I don't know what you tell a kid at that age. I've tried to reflect myself when my kids were 12-years-old, or maybe when I was 12-years-old, what I know is a very horrific incident. He's really a hero for taking care of his mother," Sheriff Jeff Travis told the Washington Examiner.


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