10 Reasons Why We Need SHOT Show

January 6, 2021
Kevin "KJ" Jarnagin

This is an open invitation for criticism I suppose. I don’t care where you stand on the protocols or ideology when it comes to viruses. If you know me, you know exactly where I stand. It may not be the most popular opinion, but we need SHOT Show to happen. Here's 10 reasons why...

  1. Relationship Building – I love you folks, but I’m growing weary of the ZOOM meetings and phone calls. Collectively, we deserve a chance to strengthen those bonds in person. Did you know you’re 70-percent more likely to close a sale in person rather than on a virtual meeting? I didn’t know either, which is why I made up the number. We are herd animals and belong in our flock.
  2. Range Day Blasters – For many attendees on the media side, this is their shot to test out new gear at range day. It’d be a shame to deprive them of the dusty conditions the Nevada desert presents. It’s also their opportunity to get in front of the industry folks that matter. 
  3. Presence – Our presence matters to the rest of the country. Simply showing up illustrates our resilience to those that wish to stifle our voice. I, for one, am tired of being muzzled and having a platform like SHOT Show is a perfect way to stand together.
  4. SWAG – Ah, the endless amount of stickers, patches and buttons. I look forward to seeing what everyone is doing in this realm. Hopefully, I’m lucky enough to swipe one of the super-secret Double Star patches. If you don’t do it for the relationships do it for the S.W.A.G.!
  5. Laughter – I miss seeing friends laugh in person. Even though SHOT Show is serious business, the laughter shared with likeminded individuals is medicine of its own. 
  6. Fashion Show – Let’s be honest. We’re in the trust tree. How many of us hand pick our attire out beforehand? I love seeing folks in something other than jogging pants and a hoodie. SHOT Show is a great spot to see how beards, backpacks, tattoos, and graphic t-shirts have evolved in isolation. Plus, I can’t wait to try and count up how many buttons that fella has on his coat this year.
  7. Pups on Parade – I’m not alone when I say I love seeing all the pups at the show. Unlike most therapy dogs on a plane, these dogs serve as leaders in their communities. Warning: Do not pet means do not pet. You’ve been warned. Some of these dogs floss daily and love biting soft tissue.
  8. NSSF – Just like SHOT Show, we need the NSSF and the people within its walls. I have zero inside information about the financials, but another missed SHOT Show cannot bode well for the organization. 
  9. Circle the Wagons – The famed Circle Bar is reason enough alone. You’ll see all the industry greats watering at this popular spot, typically after a night industry parties. It’s where one more lap turns into three more drinks. It draws you in and never lets go, and that’s why I love it. 
  10. You – We need SHOT Show because of you. The small firearms industry thrives during tumultuous times because you refuse to give into fear mongering and intimidation. We need SHOT Show because you are who I will meet next and who I will strive to make laugh. 

I’m sure you will think of a few more reasons why SHOT Show and the NSSF should not back down this year. If you are looking for one more reason, come find me at the Circle Bar and we can talk it over. See you soon. ~ KJ

Kevin Jarnagin (KJ) hails from Oklahoma but quickly established Louisiana roots after joining the Gun Talk team. KJ grew up as a big game hunter and often finds himself in a bass boat. Whether it’s making his way to British Columbia for elk or training with pistols, KJ always seems to find a gun in his hands and adventure on his mind.

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