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"Concealed Carry 2" DVD

Springfield Armory Presents: Concealed Carry 2 with VATA Group. Offering advanced techniques that may save your life.

Move beyond the choice of a gun and holster, and get into real-world decision making. Increase speed, work on problem solving, and learn drills you can practice at the range. It's all here in detail-filled slow-motion video.

VATA Group's Greg Lapin and Destin Mounts are firearms trainers with real-world experience who know how to teach. They've been featured on numerous national self-defense television shows, as well as First Person Defender.

In Concealed Carry 2, you will learn:

- How to Fight from a Car

- How to Shoot from the Ground

- How to Fight While Injured

- How to Use a Flashlight

- How to Clear Malfunctions

And more!

Run Time: 1 Hour, 21 Minutes

View trailer HERE

$ 9.95 USD

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