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"Concealed Carry 1" DVD

Springfield Armory Presents: Concealed Carry 1 with VATA Group. Offering essential training for defensive concealed carry with a pistol. Millions of Americans carry handguns for self protection. Learn real gun fighting skills which could save your life. From equipment to technique to mindset, it's all here in detailed-filled slow-motion video.

Greg Lapin and Destin Mounts of VATA Group are firearms trainers who have real-world experience and who know how to teach. They've been featured on numerous national self-defense television shows.

In Concealed Carry 1, you will learn: Choosing a gun and holster, drawing from concealment, shooting small guns, where to aim, where to wear your gun and more, including bonus videos from Springfield Armory and XS Sight Systems!

Run Time: 48 minutes

View trailer HERE

$ 9.95 USD

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