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Live from the Sig Sauer Hunter Games
HIVIZ Launches LiteWave H3 Plain Barrel Shotgun Sight
FN Wins Army Contract
Best Sights for Expensive Guns
Armed Citizens
History of Concealed Carry; The Right to Bear Arms; SCOTUS
Sig Sauer Introduces P320 AXG Pro
Cigar Box Ammo Treasures!
Safariland Launches Holster Fits for Taurus GX4
Remington Joins Gun Talk Podcast to Talk Big Green Ammunition
Guns, Guns, and More Guns
Ammunition Demand Will Not Subside Soon
DC Project Women Testify in Washington
Aimpoint Launches Acro P-2™ Pistol Mounted Optic
Gear Review: Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 12x50mm
Colt Announces Closing of Acquisition by CZG
Viridian Announces Laser Sights for Taurus GX4
Galco Holster Fits for New Taurus GX4
NEW Taurus GX4: Moderate Price but Far From Basic
I Can Hear You NOW!
States Begin Taking Pro-Gun Stance
MyMedic Stormproof Universal First Aid Kit: First Aid on the Go
NRA Bankruptcy, Liberal Gun Owners, LEOs Leaving, FL Preemption
Crimson Trace's NEW Brushline & Hardline Optics
A Short Story on the Winchester Model 87
Walther PPS M2 Product Safety Warning
Moms, Investigative Journalism, and CCW Training
Glory Days
Smith & Wesson to Divest Thompson/Center
Ruger-57 Pistol Product Safety Bulletin
Extreme Hunting Gear From SKRE
Luth-AR Modular Trigger Assembly
Galco Corvus Warm-Weather Holster
The Rule of Two (Part 1)
Hamilton’s Pistols Up for Auction; Long Range Shooting
Review: Springfield Armory Hellcat RDP
Guns & Media; Hunting Heritage; Biden’s Gun Control Efforts
Plano Rustrictor AW3 Pistol Case
PrOlix: One Bottle Gun Cleaning Solution
Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 3.8” Compact OSP
Wiley X Announces Move to Texas
New Jack Carr Novel; DC Project Visits Congress & More
Federal Launches .22LR Punch Personal Defense
Review: GSG-16 .22LR Rifle
Remington Ammo is Back!
Leupold Sells Redfield Brand
Gun Control at All Levels; Sanctuary Cities; Brownells Armory
Buyer's Remorse in Reverse
Just Say, "Stop!"
NEW Sig Sauer M400 Tread Predator
Luth-AR Updated MBA-5 Buttstock
The Season That Wasn't Meant To Be
Boulder Attack; Mental Health & Guns; Ending FOID; 9th Says No to Carry
Faxon Firearms Match Series Barrels for M&P Shield
Understanding America's Rifle
Gun Rights Advocates Testify at Senate Hearing
ATN and Mossy Oak Partner
Thinking of Carrying a Firearm? How Do I Decide?
Where'd You Get Those Peepers?
New Micro Pistols; Second Amendment Sheriff


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