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Letter -- Fighting the Good Fight

Letter written to WFTV - Orlando, Florida

Good afternoon,

I am contacting you to complain about something I watched on your news broadcast over the weekend. You ran a story about a marijuana grower being caught. What offended me so greatly was the graphic displayed behind the news anchor when the story was being read. The graphic showed an extremely small picture of a marijuana leaf in the background that was massively overshadowed by a very large picture of a handgun.This was a story about a grower of illegal drugs and the picture of the handgun dominated the graphic.Never in the anchor's dialogue was one word mentioned about guns being seized, used or refenced in any way, shape or form. This opens up the possibility of people subconciously making a connection with drugs and guns in a negative way. In my personal opinion, using that graphic in that way negatively glamorized the story to the detriment of law abiding gun owners. That is very irresponsible behavior. Frankly, I expect a great deal more objectivity, integrity and interest in maintaining the purity of a story from a fine news agency as WFTV usually has. There is no doubting that people engaged in illegal activity involving drugs often choose to defend themselves with a firearm. Law abiding citizens also choose to arm themselves to defend themselves from the same criminals engaged in illegal drug activities if their or their families lives are threatened. It is offensive to me as a viewer of your otherwise fine news broadcasts to be "lumped into" the same category as drug growers. I have contacted my friends and family as well as work associates, fellow gun club members, the local NRA representatives and a copy of this email is going to Cox Communications corporate offices. Please understand my resolve in making sure something this offensive to productive members of society does not happen again. I anticipate a response from your fine company and look forward to discussing this further. Thank you for your time and I await your response.


David Fish