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Letter -- "Self Defense" in Jeopardy
"Self Defense" in Jeopardy
By:  C. V. Sledd Shearer

Vote this election as if your life depended on it because it just might. I will be brief with this missive. Aside from whatever else you have heard, seen, or read from the Obama-Biden campaign, they want to disarm lawful U. S. citizens with the help of a complicit congress. Incidentally the next President might just have to fill two or
possibly three Supreme Court vacancies. Imagine a Hillary Clinton, a Charles Schumer or some other left leaning politician like Dianne Feinstein in those positions. What leads me to believe that an Obama-Biden administration would make a serious attempt to disarm the public? Well first of all they have backing from The Brady Campaign, originally called Handgun Control Inc. Additionally Joe Biden during a democrat party debate last year said " I'm the guy who originally wrote the assault weapons ban" Of course that ban was on over 100 semi-automatic firearms mainly because of their cosmetics.  Obama has supported similar legislation while in the Illinois State Senate. He also voted for the following: to allow unfounded lawsuits designed to put the firearms industry out of business; to ban most rifle hunting ammunition; to levy increased taxes by 500% on firearms and ammunition; and most egregiously to allow prosecution of citizens who use a firearm for self defense in the home (3/25/04, Ill Senate S.B. 2165).  There is one last point to make. Obama favors distribution of wealth ‘fairly' which is the same as sharing the wealth or "from each according to his ability to each according to his need". That is pure Karl Marx, that wonderfully successful governmental system of the last century. The system was successful at what you may ask; successful at murdering over 54 million people in the Soviet Union and another 38 million in the Peoples Republic of China. This does not count the suffering endured by 100's of millions of additional people in abject poverty & slavery. One other thing both countries had in common is the populations were first disarmed.