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Truth Squad - Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin! Whooeee. Where do you start?

If John McCain wins the election, it will be because of her. If he doesn't win, gun owners are in for a truly terrible time.

Right after Palin was picked as the V.P. candidate, Alaskans started calling me on the radio with their personal stories. They called from Anchorage, from Wasilla, from the Kenai Peninsula, and from the North Slope. People who know her like her. These are people who work with her, see her in stores, and even have negotiated across the table from her. One caller said he had negotiated tough deals all over the world, but that Sarah Palin had beaten him on a tough deal. His comment? Those who think she's not ready for foreign leaders don't know her.

Don't get me wrong. I know that if John McCain wins, we'll end up fighting him on a gun issue at some point. He's not perfect. It's just that Obama would be the most anti-gun President in our history. His track record of supporting gun bans, favoring suing gun makers out of business, wanting to reinstate the Clinton Gun Ban, and opposing right to carry laws makes him the enemy of anyone who owns a gun, who thinks he would ever want to own a gun, or who just believes in the Bill of Rights. Simply put, despite his protests that he's not going to take away anyone's guns, that's exactly what he has supported for all his adult life.

Sarah Palin has an appeal that the elite media can't understand, but they certainly do hate her. The vitriol being spewed about her is almost all I need to know that I like her. I can't help but think that the pollsters don't have a handle on this, and that Palin is going to bump the McCain vote by more than a couple of points that are not showing up right now. We'll see.

If you think there's a chance you will be out of town on election day -- November 4 -- be sure to get an absentee ballot and use it! As bad as Al Gore would have been for gun owners, Sen. Obama would be 100 times worse.