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Letter -- A great "No Shrug" response

As a Second Amendment supporter and as the father of a young woman attending a Texas university, I would like to make two comments.

The first comment concerns the wording of the article's second paragraph. It seems to imply that the District Court ruling was responsible for the restrictive gun laws focused on in DC v. Heller. In fact, those laws were enacted in 1976. And, unsurprisingly to most, the murder rate and crime rate continued to escalate unabated for almost every year in the following three decades. Those draconian firearm prohibitions did nothing to solve the growing crime problem.

My second comment is in response to Ms. Miller's statement, "... but in light of other school shootings, we've seen what the possession of guns on campus can breed." Oddly enough, I agree with Ms. Miller, but not in the way you may think.

Have we forgotten how Vice Principal Joel Myrick stopped the murderer named Luke Woodham at the Pearl Mississippi high school in 1997? Woodham slit his mother's throat, drove to the high school to shoot 9 students, and was then on his way to the junior high school to continue his murder spree when Mr. Myrick stopped him in his tracks with a handgun.

Have we forgotten how two armed students halted a murder spree that saw three people dead and three wounded at the Appalachian Law School in 2002? An angry student, about to be separated from the school, decided to seek revenge by murdering faculty and students. Two armed students retrieved their weapons and put an end to his plans.

So yes, I know what guns on campus can do. They can save lives and protect the defenseless. Guns on campus, carried by legally licensed citizens, could help to protect my daughter. The "constant police presence" Ms. Miller mentions does not exist. Of course you have police on campus, but are they posted on every floor of every building? Are they even posted just at each building? Steve Schaefer invokes the memory of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Did you know that all but two of those victims were slaughtered after the police were on campus? While the police were responding, communicating, planning, organizing, getting in place, etc. Seung-Hui Cho was killing. He was killing defenseless victims cowering in the corners and hiding under tables.

My daughter is 21 now. She's eligible to be trained, tested, photographed, fingerprinted, FBI certified, and licensed to carry a concealed handgun in Texas. She has the opportunity to increase her safety and security everywhere she goes...except, of course, when she goes to school. There she would be forced to hide in the corner, cover her eyes, and pray that the killer's next bullet misses its mark.

I would feel much better if I knew she had the option of drawing her own legally-concealed weapon, in concert with other students in class, and showing that blood-thirsty killer that his selected targets are not defenseless. They are not helpless. They are not cowering in fear waiting to die but rather they are ready to defend their lives and the lives of others. They are ready to exercise the God-given right of self-preservation that is recognized and affirmed by the Second Amendment.