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Letter - Regarding the recent remarks by Village Manager Tom Barwin
I wish to lodge a complaint regarding the recent remarks by Village Manager Tom Barwin, regarding the recent US Supreme Court's ruling in the Heller case. For anyone to make a statement equating millions of law abiding, hard working, tax paying citizens who happen to own firearms with violent criminals, displays a profound ignorance. For a Village Manager to utter a comment that the United States Supreme Court, in upholding our Bill of Rights is somehow in league with criminals, displays an arrogance only possible by an elitist government official.

Before you write me off as some sort of knuckle-dragging redneck, I am a retired police detective who specialized in major crimes investigations. I have served my nation and my community for over 35 years. I know, and any honest police officer will agree, that the police can not be everywhere, to protect anyone. Police officers are
dedicated, courageous people who will do their best to identify and apprehend violent criminals, but that is only after the violent crime is committed. Until the police arrive, citizens are on their own for self defense. If it were not so, there would be no crime in America.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

Ron Willis
Portland, Oregon