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About Tom Gresham's Truth Squad

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Almost 10 years ago I created the Truth Squad. The idea was simple. My belief is that the general media is hugely biased against gun owners and gun ownership. This is so clear that it defies debate. It's hard to get the truth printed or aired. One way to do that, however, is in the letters to the editor of many papers. Clearly, newspapers are less important today than a decade ago, but remember that politicians read the letters section to know what the public is thinking and saying. It has impact.

Plus, a good letter in a paper can and will be picked up and forwarded around the world in emails. Thus, Tom Gresham's Truth Squad was born. Thousands volunteered, and I wrote sample letters, which others picked up, edited or rewrote to their own desires, and sent in. We were able to get thousands of letters published. This was during the Clinton Administration. Frankly, I let it rest during the Bush Administration.  There was little anti-gun coverage in the press, and the Democratic Party recognized that it lost the White House, twice, because of its anti-gun stance.

Well, it's time to saddle up again. Here's how it works. I'll send you information you can use in letters you can then send to papers, television stations, etc. Also, if you have letters you have written that you think would be a good example for others to use, CLICK HERE to send us an e-mail. We'll look them over and share the ones we think will be helpful.