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Letter -- Tyler Morning Telegraph
December 3, 2007
Tyler Morning Telegraph, Tyler, TX

I definitely believe that trained and licensed students and faculty should be allowed to carry a concealed firearm at any campus and would be a definite safety factor.

We do not have to guess what would happen if those who are licensed to carry guns were allowed in schools. It is already legal in Utah and in Oregon.

To date, there are no reports of permit holders shooting up schools.

We do not have to guess about the effectiveness of citizens being able to stop school shootings. At the Appalachian School of Law and at the Pearl, Mississippi, school shootings, students (in the first one) and
an assistant principal (at Pearl, MS) ran to their cars, got guns, and stopped the shooters. In both instances, the shooter gave up when faced with an armed citizen.

The point is that all the "well, what if ..." conversation is wasted breath. It is being done now, and there are no negative effects.

The comment by Mr. Massengill, "But...there are some environments where common sense tells us it's just not a good idea to have guns available" is just ludicrous and the reason that we have mass shootings at campuses now. Common sense tells me that if I am armed, I have a 1,000 percent better chance of surviving an attack by a crazed gunman than if I am disarmed.

What about all the students that are victims of robbery and assault to and from their place of residence because they are effectively disarmed at home and are helpless victims all because of a flawed campus policy.

I know that the school officials and the teachers "feel" like they can't deal with guns in the schools, well how do they "feel" about dealing with a nut case shooting the teachers and students? Most criminals are basically cowards and do not want to die, therefore they are not going to commit a mass murder at a police station, gun range,
gun shop, or any place else that they know that they have a better chance of being stopped before they can do their cowardly deed.

The liberals have passed multitudes of laws and bans and none of the laws have stopped even one nut from doing what he wanted to do. It is time for change and the time is now. We need to allow concealed handgun licensees to carry anywhere.

Royce C. Hayes