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Truth Squad - Insurance Company Asks?

Insurance Company Asks About Your Guns?


"When they feel the heat, they see the light."

Mississippi gun rights activist Jeff Pittman recently sent me a letter he wrote to HealthMedia, a Michigan company which does business with the state of Mississippi through Blue Cross. That company requires that Mississippi employees complete a "Health Risk Assessment" in order to receive the State's wellness benefit. Part of that questionaire, according to Pittman, includes this question:

"Are ALL of the following statements TRUE for you?

I do not possess any firearms.
I do not drink and drive or ride with anyone who has been drinking.
I always wear a seatbelt whenever I am driving or riding in a car.
I drive within 5 mph of the speed limit, or I don't drive at all.


Clearly, the intent is to say that possessing a firearm is a risk. Pittman challenges that premise with facts.

" The presumption posed by this question is provably false, as well as addressing an insignificant risk relative to other risks not questioned. Gun ownership is always statistically associated with lower rates of injury and death. For instance, from 1945 to 1990, the number of firearms was up 353%, yet fatal accidents were down 41%. Gun carrying is also so associated, to the tune of some 8.5% fewer murders, 5% fewer rapes and 7% fewer aggravated assaults, with no attendant increase in accidental deaths (less than one more annual death nationwide), when gun carrying is made legal."

ACTION ITEM! If your insurance company asks such questions of you, please let me know. The data show that owning a firearm actually makes you and your family safer, and firearm related accidental fatalities come in far below those involving automobiles or swimming. Ten times as many people die in poisoning than do in firearm accidents. Putting these questions into insurance forms spreads the lie that you increase your risks if you own guns. We must not allow this lie to go unchallenged.