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Tom Gresham's Gun Talk Newsletter

March 4, 2015


Move Fast, or Miss Out on the GT20 Pistol!

We just uploaded the video about the GT20, our special version of the new Sig P220 in 10mm. It has the features I wanted for this BBQ gun, which is also a great target and hunting pistol. No need to go into the details of this fantastic pistol here. That info is in the video. 

We said we would take order through March 31, or when we hit 1,000. I don't think we'll hit that number, so the cutoff will be at the end of this month. Make no mistake. When we shut down the orders, that's it. No more.

To put down your deposit, go to

ATF Ammo Ban

By now, you should have heard that the BATFE has proposed a ban on M855 "green tip" ammo for the 5.56 NATO (your AR-15). It's nonsense, of course, and if you read the regulations, this ammo doesn't even fit their own definition of "armor piercing" ammunition. That isn't stopping them from trying of course.

You can take ONE MINUTE to help stop it. Use the links at to let your members of Congress know you want this stopped.

Saddle up, Truth Squad. It'll take a minute or so.


We're Going to Germany!

As I write this, we're scrambling around to pack, locate the passport, and generally get ready to head to Nuremberg, Germany, for my first visit to what has been called the European SHOT Show. It's the IWA OutdoorClassics show. A lot of U.S. gun companies show there, but there will be many gun and ammo companies there that we don't see here. We'll be doing the GUNTALK radio show from Germany this Sunday, March 8th -- assuming all the electrons behave to get the signal across the pond. Keeping fingers crossed.

 Own It? Respect It. Secure It. 

You know how I'm always saying that you need to keep your guns secure unless you are in direct control of them? That's been my message for more than a decade. The NSSF has been delivering that message for a long time, but I love their program titled "Own It? Respect It. Secure It." They now have 1,000 companies signed on to support it.

This is a message all Truth Squad members should be familiar with. WE are the ones working to keep guns out of the hands of unsupervised youngsters as well as unauthorized adults. Not the government. Not the gun ban groups who pretend to be firearms "safety" organizations.

We, the gun owners of America, continue to be on the forefront of gun safety, pushing education, talking up responsible gun ownership. As a result, accidental gun deaths are at an all-time low.

You can use this information when talking about exactly who owns the gun safety issue.


Why the 10mm?

Why do I like the 10mm for the GT20 pistol? Because it's a very cool caliber. It's a 40-caliber bullet (same bullets used in the .40 S&W cartridge), but in the 10mm it goes much faster.

Col. Jeff Cooper was a fan of the 10mm many years ago. These days, we have a much wider range of ammunition choices than he did, and that makes the 10mm suitable for self-defense, target shooting, and certainly for hunting.  

On GUNTALK radio last Sunday, someone asked if he could shoot a .40 S&W round in a 10mm pistol. The answer is no, because both of those cartridges headspace on the case mouth. Headspace is all about what part of the cartridge actually stops the round from going farther into the chamber. On a bottleneck cartridge like the .223, it's the shoulder. On belted rifle cases, it's the belt. On rimmed cartridges like the .357 Magnum, it's the rim. On straight, rimless handgun rounds, it's the mouth of the case. Since the 10mm case is longer than the .40 (to prevent firing a 10mm in a gun chambered for the .40), if you were to put a .40 S&W round into a pistol chambered for the 10mm, the .40 case would go too far into the chamber. It's unlikely you could get a primer strike to set it off. But, please don't try to find out if it will work, okay?

In the S&W Model 610 revolver, you can fire .40 S&W and 10mm rounds, because it used full moon clips, which prevent the shorter case from sliding down the chamber.

So, how much more powerful is the 10mm over the .40? More than I thought. On the air, I guessed it was about 20 percent more. WRONG!  

Take the 135-grain bullet. In the .40 S&W, you are looking at 1200 feet per second (FPS) and 432 ft. lbs. of energy. The Doubletap Ammunition load of the Nosler 135-gr. JHP does 1600 fps out of a five-inch barrel (the GT20 has a five-inch barrel), for 767 ft. lbs. of energy. That's 78 percent more energy! 

Put it another way, one source said the 10mm Auto has more energy at 100 yards than the .45 ACP has at the muzzle.

And we haven't even talked about the hard cast bullet loads which will shoot literally all the way through a big hog.

Yep.  I like the 10mm.


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