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Truth Squad - Has Your Major Been Duped?


A fair number of mayors around the country have been lied to and duped into joining New York City's mayor, Michael Bloomberg, as part of the "Mayors Against Illegal Guns." Now, that sounds like an okay group, doesn't it? Who could be for illegal guns? As with many things in politics, it's not at all what it sounds like, and there's a good chance your mayor has been fooled by Bloomberg. Remember, Bloomberg is the mayor who conspired to commit felonies by paying private investigators to falsify records when buying guns in other states. Unless there's something I don't understand, making a "straw man" purchase of a gun is a federal felony. Paying someone to do that would constitute a conspiracy, right?

Note that this was not part of law enforcement effort. Bloomberg did not charge gun dealers with a crime after his own people committed these crimes. Instead, he sued the gun dealers. That's right. His own people commit the crime of making a straw man sale, and Bloomberg then has New York City sue little gun stores located outside the state of New York. It's all about headlines. He knows that a mom and pop gun store does not have the finances to fight a massive lawsuit.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives -- the federal agency charged with enforcing federal gun laws -- said that Bloomberg's headline-grabbing grandstanding jeopardized several ongoing criminal investigations.

From that campaign to destroy gun stores, Bloomberg set out to get his hands on a list of dealers he could sue. Unfortunately for him, federal law (a measure called the Tiahrt Amendment) prevents him from getting information on gun traces. What Bloomberg and his gun-banning buddies want is to use information on gun traces to sue gun dealers. This has nothing to do with law enforcement investigations.

NOTE!! The media keeps repeating the Bloomberg lie that the Tiahrt Amendment prevents the police from getting gun trace data. This is not true. Any police agency working an investigation can get this information. The Tiahrt Amendment prevents politicians from getting this information and using it for their anti-gun lawsuits.

Here's a typical media report. This is from WSYR television in Syracuse, NY.

" You may have seen an ad in the newspaper or commercials on TV in the past week, they reference something called the Tiahrt amendment. But many people have no idea what it is.

"It's a law that keeps information about who is buying and selling guns private, even from local police.

"Mayors of cities across the country are trying to get it repealed.
Local mayors and police say they need federal gun tracing data to connect the dots on crimes that are committed on their streets."

Bloomberg has convinced a number of mayors to join his anti-gun group, and these mayors and their police chiefs (politicians with badges) are telling the media that they need access to this information, and that they can't get it.

TRUTH SQUAD ACTION PLAN: Tell the truth. Write your newspapers and tell them that any law enforcement agency or department can access gun trace data for a legitimate investigation. The only thing the Tiahrt Amendment does is prevent those who already have a record of suing gun makers and gun dealers from getting the information they want to build a hit list of private businesses they can sue.

Click Here and find out if your mayor has joined this gun-banning group by checking the web site.

If your mayor is on the list, it's time to get serious about informing him or her about the truth. CALL the mayor's office. Explain that Bloomberg is not telling the truth about this. WRITE the local papers. It's time to embarrass these mayors for their foolishness and the fact that they have been fooled by this anti-gun billionaire from New York who is using this to promote his political aspirations. CALL local radio talk shows and get this subject up front.