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Truth Squad - Zero Tolerance Equals Zero Sense


Note in the letter from the teacher that even talking about guns can get a teacher fired. Part of what we must do is take back control of those who teach our children. In the current "zero tolerance" environment, children have been suspended for pointing a chicken finger at another student, for pointing a finger at another student, for turning in a writing assignment which talks about guns, and heaven help a teacher who would bring a copy of Guns & Ammo to school! It's insane.

How do we start? As with all of this, we start by bringing up the subject. In the world of education, zero tolerance is accepted. It's comfortable because it relieves the administrations and school boards of the need to exercise judgment. "Follow the policy" is the mantra. We need to start talking about this. We need to write letters to the editor. We need to talk about it to everyone we know. It's time to find out who is on the school board, and get to know a few of them. Have a conversation about this, and ask them how to go about changing these policies. As always, be polite. When writing letters, be short. But, be prepared for a long fight. If we think of these as 10-year battles, we will not tire.