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Truth Squad - Killing Zones Continue


First, allow me to offer a huge Thank You to everyone who has signed up for the newsletter, and who is now part of the Truth Squad. If you are getting this, and wondering what it is, well, it's simple. I created the "Gun Talk Truth Squad" to combat the misinformation being spread by the media about gun ownership and about gun owners. I'll help provide the information, and you can use that info to contact the local papers and television stations. In the military, it's called a force multiplier. With thousands of you sending letters to the editor of papers, we have a real impact. We can spread the truth.

Remember: A lie left unchallenged becomes the truth.

Many people thought I was crazy when I went on rant immediately following the Virginia Tech shootings last spring. I called for the elimination of the so-called "gun free" zones, calling them "killing zones." If you have been watching, a surprising number of people have picked up on that idea, and we are seeing it not only in firearms publications and web sites, but in newspaper editorials and on television.

That's all just fine, but now we have to start to push. Now is the time to write letters to the editor. Summer is the perfect time to find out where your U.S. Senators and Representatives will be when they come home, going there, and talking to them about this. Most people understand the futility of telling honest people they will be breaking the law if they carry a gun for protection, even though the murderers ignore the law.

Here's a letter I received today from a teacher. This letter says it very well.

" Thank you so much for the Guntalk podcasts: I have listened for the last two months. You have and common-sense approach that is refreshing. At the beginning of every podcast, I have heard of your truth squad. I would like to join.

"I have been a public school teacher for the past ten plus years. I have taught through Jonesboro, Columbine, 9/11, and our country's response, currently known as the war on terror. Current laws and officials have forced me to lie to the students in my class when I tell them, 'you are safe here'. Tom, I am being forced to place my unarmed life between harm and my students. I am begging you, do not give up on the misinformation of the gun-free school zones.

Currently, I am not certain if I could legally keep a firearm in my own vehicle on school property. (No, you can not -- Tom) If I do not follow the law, I lose my certificate to teach. My own knowledge in this matter is limited for concrete reasons ( I do not know a tactful way to ask questions concerning the 'gun free zones' without raising suspicion within education and law enforcement circles). I believe that currently our Board of Education and Superintendent may authorize personnel to carry firearms on school campuses, but the reality is I do not want to be the teacher who is fired for questionable reasons after such a request is made.

"The truth is If I were allowed, I would carry concealed all day, everyday on my campus: I would owe that to my students, to their parents, and my colleagues. But that statement alone is dependent on several different variables. First, our nation would have to change the way they see our students: they are the nation's primary asset that must be protected. Second, our nation and state would have to change its laws concerning my Second Amendment rights which are being infringed upon every day that I go to work. Third, our school boards and superintendents would have to change their minds concerning the roles of staff, faculty, and administration. Finally, we must change what we think about rights and responsibilities - If we want our students to embrace all their rights, the generations before must embrace the all of the responsibility to protect the students and their rights.

"I want your listeners to remember that we teachers knowingly go to school and teach in locations that are known to be prime targets for murder. And except for a few states, we do that unarmed. We do that with our own Second Amendment rights stripped of us, and those of us who would exercise this right to protect others are stigmatized within our own profession. But we have a greater concerns. Tom, I ask for your help in protecting our country's greatest asset: its future.

"I would also ask for your help in addressing our dilemma within the teaching profession. I cannot discuss my passion for firearms at my place of work, nor can I wear or carry anything firearms related, but it seems that any topic that is liberally-minded is simply accepted or encouraged . It is very frustrating. I would ask for your listeners to chime in on this one, especially other teachers.

"Thanks for your support for all of us on the educational Liberal Island."

(Name and location withheld to prevent him/her from being fired.)

Our goal is simple. We must eliminate "gun free zones" everywhere we can. Criminals know these are really just safe working zones for murderers. They are places where one can go to kill a lot of people without interference.

The bottom line is that the gun free killing zones do not make us safer. They endanger us and our children. The evidence is clear. Columbine and Virginia Tech stand as testaments to the folly of these policies. Ah, but do you hear about the school shootings in Pearl, Mississippi or the Appalachian Law School where an assistant principal (in Mississippi) and two students (at ALS) stopped the shootings by getting their own guns?

If you have a carry permit, there should be very, very few places where you can't carry. You most certainly should not be prevented from carrying in public schools.