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Letter -- The Mexican Big Lie and Wasting Ammunition
There is a claim that "US Gun Laws" are responsible for the flow of arms to Mexican gangs and drug cartels. This patent Big Lie has been picked up by the media and has the appearance of a coordinated campaign.

The easiest way to prove that the USA is not the source of the weapons is to look at what kinds of weapons are being found. Fully automatic AK-47s are extremely rare in the USA but common in much of the Third World. Rocket propelled grenades (RPG)are also made outside of the USA. Both of
these weapons were developed in Russia and licensed to Soviet client states such as China (PRC), North Korea, North Vietnam, the Warsaw Pact, and others.

If these weapons are being trans-shipped through the United States in quantity, then we have an abject failure of agencies such as ICE and Homeland Security. That would be an Administration failure.

This Big Lie should not be used as an excuse to reenact the worthless and ineffective "Assault Weapon Ban" of 1994. Dianne Feinstein admitted that the 1994 bill would not make a real difference but would serve as a first step toward the total elimination of privately held firearms, or in her
own words, "Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them in, turn them ALL in."

Remember, "Gun Control" is really about Control as in controlling our citizens. [30]

On the Once Used Ammunition front: I contacted my Congress Critters last week and they will hear from me again. This issue may require FOIA action to find out WHO directed treatment of DEMIL B assets as DEMIL D. By the way, I suspect it applies to a host of items, not just "brass".
My DEMIL retraining was completed a couple of months ago which applies to those of us who work in the "Belly of the Beast".

--Jerome from Layton, UT