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Truth Squad Newsletter - November 2013

 November 15, 2013

Deconstructing the Metcalf Mess

Unless you just got back from a two-week sheep hunt in the Wrangell Mountains, you know about the firestorm that blew up after Guns & Ammo magazine writer Dick Metcalf wrote -- and the magazine published -- an article which essentially says that not all gun regulations are infringements on our gun rights. As you might expect, the web exploded, with untold thousands of gun rights activists calling for Metcalf's head.

Last Sunday Dick (whom I've known for at least 30 years) did his one and only media interview on Gun Talk Radio. We didn't have enough time (I'm not sure the entire three hours would have been enough), but he explained how the column came about, what he had hoped it would do (start conversations), and how the instant and vociferous reaction caught him and the editors at Guns & Ammo by surprise. You can hear Metcalf on last week's show at  Also, we now put the archived shows on YouTube (more convenient for many listeners), so you can hear that hour of last week's show at

Some listeners thought I should not have even offered Metcalf a platform from which to explain/discuss what happened. Others welcomed it, but disagreed with him and were glad he was fired. Still others thought his logic was flawed and his understanding of history lacking, but didn't think it warranted losing his job. You can judge for yourself when you hear the interview.

My take? I am of two minds on this. The first is that it's a shame we can't have an open conversation about pretty much anything. That's the journalist and lover of free expression in me. But, the realist in me says that this column, which was picked up and paraded by the Brady Campaign and many national media outlets as an example of what they have been calling "reasonable restrictions" were, in fact, reasonable, hurt gun rights and helped, if even slightly, advance the efforts of the gun banners.  

Metcalf and his editors should have seen this coming. The fact that they didn't well may indicate that they really are not terribly plugged into the current culture of gun rights. The simple fact is that you can not give up hard-won ground in this fight, and agreeing to any form of restriction on what is a natural right (not given to us by the government) makes it more difficult for us to regain what has been lost.  

In the end, the decision to fire Metcalf was one of economics. Readers were canceling subscriptions in G&A, and advertisers were serving notice that they could not remain in the magazine if Metcalf stayed. That's what sealed the deal.


Buy a Gun for Christmas?

Of course you should buy a gun for Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Hanukkah, or New Years! (I AM the Great Enabler). That's especially true right now, since we can finally FIND guns to buy. Poke around your local stores to see what they have, but also check out what you can find at Gallery of Guns (, Top Gun Supply (, and Dury's Guns (

Most gun companies have held off introducing new products over the last year as they just tried to keep up with demand. Expect to see new models introduced at the SHOT Show in January. We'll be broadcasting the radio show from there with the news. We have heard about a few, but several companies say they have cool things coming, yet won't tell us what they are. So, I'm just as curious as you are.

One that is not new for 2014, but is still a sleeper, is the Walther PPX pistol. Feels great, and it's amazingly thin. For a while it was hard to find holsters, and that really is a problem for a carry gun, but now the holster makers are starting to include this gun as an option. Worth checking out. Put it in your hand, and you'll see what I mean.

How about giving a gun to someone as a holiday gift? That's fine, but if it's a defensive pistol, make sure the recipient wants that model. Best would be if he or she had tried it at the range. Also, include a real training course as part of the gift.  

If you can't get to a defensive shooting school, we have options – inexpensive, as well as free. For actual instruction in personal defense with your carry gun, grab our two DVDs at Both "Concealed Carry One" and "Fighting With The 1911" are great, and they cover different areas and techniques. It doesn't matter what type of handgun you use. You'll want both of them.

We also have a free offering. The "First Person Defender" video series is available on YouTube at no cost. It's not intended to be real instruction, but it ends up functioning as great lessons. We put people into self-defense situations, and you get to watch as they struggle to survive.

Of course, you could get lucky and win a great prize package from Optics Planet ( just by entering at This month's package consists of a Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Green Laser Sight and a Crimson Trace Rail Master Universal Tactical Light. You can't win the giveaway if you don't enter.


Man Kicks in Door, Shoots Kidnapper


If you ever wanted to show a friend why we carry guns, this might be it. A man in Louisiana was helping search for his 29-year old cousin who had been kidnapped by an ex-boyfriend. While searching with a group, he heard screaming from an abandoned house, kicked in the door, and saw the kidnapper stabbing his cousin, Bethany Arceneaux. Did he call 911 and hope his cousin didn't bleed out? Did he ask the kidnapper to please stop?

Not on your life. He shot the sorry SOB who was rendered DRT (Dead Right There). Arecneaux is expected to recover from her injuries. The local sheriff pronounced it a good shoot.

Read the whole story from start to finsih here: and read about the cousin here:

This is exactly the kind of scenario we show on First Person Defender. I know that watching this series will save lives. Be sure your family watches it.


Refresh Your Safety Protocols


Just a reminder. We who have guns, are around guns, and who carry guns, can get casual about them if we don't work at refreshing our safety practices. I did an interview on our Waco, TX, affiliate, where a couple of folks in the DA's office were looking at the carry gun one wore to work. One of them racked the slide, then removed the magazine. (Get the sequence?!) He then pulled the trigger, and the pistol did exactly what it was told to. It fired. Fortunately, no one was hurt. 

First. Don't show or share your carry gun. Not ever. If you want to show someone your gun, bring it in a case, unloaded, or take them to the range. Your carry gun stays in the holster until you pull it to address a threat, or you take it off when going to bed. 

Are you a professional gun carrier? If you said "no," does that mean you are an amateur? Make the commitment to behave as a professional at all times when it concerns firearms. Be serious. Don't tell people you are carrying. Don't show it. Don't flash it. Your carry gun is a lethal device. There are only two safe places for it -- in the holster, and in your hands.  

Review how you store, carry, and manipulate your gun. Do a press check every time you put on your gun. Don't know what a press check is? Get training from a professional firearms instructor. 

Just as much as you have a duty to protect your family, you have an obligation to not endanger anyone else.  

Let's all be professional in the way we carry our firearms.


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Tom Gresham

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