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Truth Squad Newsletter - August 2013


Crimson Trace M3GI Giveaway!

We've been so darned busy with production on two TV series, a new online series, and (of course) Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show that I haven't done a newsletter in a while. Time to correct that.

First, let's talk about what's in it for you. Well, good stuff.

Our Gun Talk Giveaway this month is a great package of gear from Crimson Trace. At the end of August, someone will get the Grand Prize, including the two universal Rail Master Lasers and the universal Rail Master Tactical Light used at the Second Annual M3GI competition (these can go on your pistol, your rifle, or your shotgun -- anything with a rail). There's also an OPMOD PAC Versipac from Optics Planet, and a hat, shirt and blanket. Enter to win (and see the details) at Note: This contest ends on August 30. There are prizes given out each week, too. Enter now!


Free Training

If you are listening to the radio show you've heard me talking about our exciting new video series, First Person Defender. I know there are people who keep saying, "Why does he talk about this so much?" Why? Because it can save your life, or the lives of your family members. That's why.

FPD is free to you. It's online. It couldn't be easier. We have 10 episodes loaded now, with another four to come very soon. Just go to YouTube and search for First Person Defender, or click here.  

What is it? We take someone, put him or her into a self-defense situation, and see what happens. We're using Simunitions brand non-lethal cartridges (but they really sting!). The "good guys" we use vary from experienced firearms trainers to hunters, young women, and people with little firearms experience. It's interesting to see that some mistakes get repeated by several people. What's gratifying is how much people improve with only the small amount of training we give them before they get a second chance.

It's exciting. It's not like anything you've seen. I'd like to get these videos in front of as many people as possible to help them get beyond the "I never thought of that" stage. You can embed the videos on your Facebook page, the web site for your shooting range or gun store, or wherever you can. Let's save some lives, as well as keep good people out of jail for using lethal force incorrectly.

Plus, we need your suggestions for more episodes. What scenarios do you worry about? Parking garages, workplace, public parks, etc. Send us suggestions. We're building a list for the next season of First Person Defender.


Flat-Shooting Rifles Unnecessary for Long Range?

I had a fascinating conversation with a friend who is a very good high-power competitor. We had just gotten some of the new Nosler Accubond 7mm 168-grain bullets, and he was headed for the loading room to work up loads for his 7mm Rem. Short Action Ultra Magnum (his hunting rifle). 

Dan said something that grabbed my attention.

"When I hear someone talking about a flat-shooting cartridge for long range, I know this is someone who really doesn't understand long range shooting," he said. Dan Zelenka is not only an excellent rifleman, he's president of the Louisiana Shooting Association. When he talks accuracy and long-range shooting, I listen.

For Dan, it's all about the ballistic coefficient of the bullet. (BC is a measure of how streamlined the bullet is.) That's why he was so excited about the Nosler hunting bullets with a BC of .652. The drop of the bullet, he explained, is not hard to handle. With a laser rangefinder to lock in the distance, and a good scope you can adjust for elevation, you can simply dial in the drop correction and hold on.

Wind, however, is the variable that challenges long range shooters. Great riflemen can judge wind pretty well, but most of us can not. It's a bit of a guess, and a strong dose of hope. The higher the BC, the less wind drift. 

Just something to file away, and perhaps get some training from one of the long-range shooting clinics or schools.


Gun Talk Television and Guns & Gear TV are Back!

Our two television series are on the air right now on Pursuit Channel. If you have Dish or DirecTV, you can get Pursuit. The shows (Gun Talk Television and Guns & Gear TV) also will air on Sportsman Channel beginning in January. Find the schedules, videos, and more at www.guntalktelevision and

To see them now, just hop over to our YouTube channel at With all the smart TVs today, you can watch our shows (and First Person Defender) in HD on your home TV.


Bloomberg Gets Slapped Down - Again


Only a few weeks after a judge ruled that New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's decree to ban the sale of large soft drinks was illegal, another judge has ruled that the NYPD's policy of "stop and frisk" is unconstitutional. You think?! 

Short version: A police officer must have a reasonable suspicion that you have committed a crime, are committing a crime, or are about to commit a crime, before he/she can stop you. That's the law. It's frequently not followed.  

In NYC, the police have stopped and searched thousands upon thousands of people with no RAS (reasonable, articulable suspicion). You can do a search for "Terry stop" to get more on this subject.

So, Mayor Bloomberg responded that judge Shira A. Scheindlin doesn't understand policing, and plans to appeal the decision. Expect it to fail. 

The bad news? Bloomberg's term as mayor ends soon, and he'll be looking for something to do. It's possible that he'll turn more of his attention to his collection of mayors who may or may not support gun control and gun bans. As we learned last week on the radio show, some mayors were placed on the role of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns without their knowledge or approval. You can hear that interview in this hour of Gun Talk.


Concealed Carry Instructor Shoots Student in Class

You may have heard of the instructor in the concealed carry class in Columbus, OH, who "accidentally"(the correct word is "negligently") fired his handgun in a class room and injured a student. The general media made much of this, essentially proclaiming "See! Even firearms instructors can't be trusted with guns!"

What the media did not tell you is that the instructor, Terry J. Dunlap, Sr., is a police officer. In his continued rundown to expose the myth that police officers should be trusted to be good gun handlers and should be listened to on the subject of gun laws, David Codrea (a regular guest on Gun Talk Radio) created the concept of the "Only Ones." This is based on the famous video of DEA agent Lee Paige telling a classroom of children he was "the only one professional enough in this room to carry a Glock 40" about one second before he shot himself in the leg in front of them all. Click here to read David's report on the part of the story the media did not tell about the instructor in Ohio.

Chris Christie's Digital Concentration Camp

In signing into law 10 new gun control measures, New Jersey's Governor, Chris Christie, cemented his rabidly anti-gun credentials, which should (if we have any brains) knock him out of the running for the Republican candidacy for President in 2016. Among the measures is one (A3687) that many media types applauded as "common sense," but which actually sets a new level of sinister attacks on our rights.

It denies Constitutionally-protected rights to anyone on a "terrorist watch list." Never mind that we don't know how someone gets put on that list , and we don't know who puts people on that list, and we don't know how you can get yourself off the list if put on there in error. If you are on the list, and you live in New Jersey, you can not get a firearms purchaser identification card. Specifically, the law says the card would be denied:

(9) To any person named on ¹[the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ] ²[a No-Fly List administered by the United States Transportation Security Administration pursuant to 49 U.S.C. s. 44903(j)(2)(C)¹] the consolidated Terrorist Watchlist maintained by Terrorist Screening Center administered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation².

No hearing. No charges. No trial. No conviction. Just an anonymous accusation, and you are stripped of your rights. Not since the Salem witch trials and the internment of Japanese-Americans in World War II have we seen such government-sponsored destruction of Constitutional rights.

For that matter, why don't they just go ahead and put anyone on the "terrorist watch list" or the "no fly list" into concentration camps. We already have the precedent. Would Chris Christie be okay with that? I wonder. Would it be paranoid to think that such contingency plans are already in place? Would it have been paranoid to think that in 1941?


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