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Did You Miss It? Show on 5/23/10

It was a big day on Gun Talk Radio!

Gabe Bailey, Marketing Director for Combat Rifles and Technical Support with FNH USA started us off with detailed information on the FN SCAR.

Texas Governor Rick Perry dropped by to discuss his run-in with a coyote while out on a jog. His story prompted Ruger to come out with a special version of the .380 pistol that Perry used -  they call it the "Coyote Special", and it can be purchased in various Texas gun stores, including the McBride's in Austin, which Gov. Perry frequents. 

Wayne Rodrigue and Alan Thompson stopped by to talk about their new venture, Baserri Shotguns. After searching far and wide in Europe, the two teamed up with a manufacturer in Italy to bring this newest shotgun to the US. Baserri is hosting a Launch Party in August with Tom - more details here.

Chicago Mayor Daly chooses his word poorly when discussing if the city's gun ban has been a success.

The President of Mexico blames the US for all the violence in Mexico, and asks the US Congress to reinstate the "assault weapons ban".

Indiana Representative Brad Ellsworth called the show to go over his amendment to the House Armed Services Committee's National Defense Authorization bill to re-sell military small arms ammunition. Get more info on the amendment here. Rep. Ellsworth encouraged everyone to get involved, and contact their Senators and Representatives about gun legislation, including this bill.

Tom is hoping to introduce a 1911 10mm. If you are interested, shoot him an email at

"Deranged Gunman Opens Fire on Shooting Range", courtesy of online "news" organization, The Onion